Join us on Wed January 9th for a lobbying visit to Councilwoman Blackwell…

Way back on December 17th, Mission First agreed to sit down for a meeting with Councilwoman Blackwell, Arvilla residents & concerned neighbors.

You might recall the Councilwoman’s words in the NBC10 interview about how Mission First has handled the Arvilla:

It’s just not fair – it’s wrong.

We are still waiting on that meeting, and the clock is ticking, so on Wednesday January 9th, we’ll head to City Hall to remind Councilwoman Blackwell how important it is that we get this meeting immediately.

Please RSVP via Facebook for updates.

We plan to meet outside of Councilwoman Blackwell’s offices (rm 408, Philadelphia City Hall) a little bit before 9am.

It takes a moment to get through security, so you might want to show up at 8:30 (the visitor’s entrance is on the NE corner of City Hall)