Ways to help & resources

Arvilla residents and concerned West Philadelphia neighbors are demanding a pause in the sale of the building and a transparent, compassionate process that prioritizes the residents’ needs. 

Some of the ways you can help (email arvillaorganizing@gmail.com for more talking points):

+ Call Mayor Kenney’s office–(215) 686-2181–and demand intervention with Mission First’s sale of the building

+ Call City Council Members, including District 3 Councilperson Jannie Blackwell –(215) 686-3418 or (215) 686-3419–and demand intervention with Mission First’s sale of the building  

+ Visit or call up Mission First Housing and ask why, as a 501c3 that receives funding to serve vulnerable populations, they are putting residents last to turn a fast profit. Ask to speak with Development Director Sue McPhedran. Their Corporate HQ is at 2042-48 Arch Street, 2nd floor, 215.557.8414 (they also have offices in D.C. and Delaware). 

+Call Columbus Property Management at 215-557-8484 and ask for their help

+ Call up or visit Rittenhouse Realty and remind them of the first half of the Promise they make on their website: “We understand the real value of integrity in a changing world and look to build strong relationships based on trust, confidence and respect.” Ask why they are facilitating a sale that is harmful to residents. They’re at 107 S. 2nd Street, 4th Floor,  (215) 454-2852

+ Call ACHIEVEability (215-748-8800) and the Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement (215-567-7803), both organizations that Mission First Housing is affiliated with, and ask if they know what is happening.

+Share the news with friends in the press and spread the word on social media: 

Reach Mission First Housing on Twitter here

Reach Rittenhouse Realty on Facebook here

Reach Jannie Blackwell on instagram @councilwomanjb

Use #ProtectArvillaResidents

+Email arvillaorganizing@gmail.com to get involved and support the residents