Calling all concerned neighbors!

Residents of the Arvilla apartment building (4537-39 Osage Avenue), many of whom have lived in their homes 12 to 50 years, are quickly being evicted with less than two months’ notice. Mission First Housing, whose mission is to provide affordable, safe and sustainable homes for people in need, has long neglected the building, and is now selling it (through Rittenhouse Realty) to developers with no connection to the community.

This is unacceptable. Residents and concerned West Philadelphia neighbors are demanding a pause in the sale and a transparent, compassionate process that prioritizes the residents’ needs.Toward this end we’re seeking media coverage of the sale and Mission First’s choice to put their mission last. As an organization that calls itself a leader in affordable housing, it needs to be held accountable for its hypocrisy. Neighbors and residents can be available for interviews. A letter to the City is also available for Philadelphians to sign